Adventures in Resin

KerryAdventure Creator

Hi I’m Kerry, the creator of Adventures in Resin. I fell in love with working with resin after doing a short course several years ago. The flexibility of working with resin really is an adventure and I’m constantly experimenting with new techniques, new products and new things to embed in it.

Adventures in Resin is a creative outlet which I have molded and evolved over the last few years outside of my day job as Graphic Designer. I continue to expand Adventures in Resin and love attending local design markets where I get to meet new people, be inspired by all the other creative things people are making and share any tips and stories.

I work from a little mezzanine space I have commandeered in my home in Melbourne, Australia much to my boyfriends delight! I would describe my studio space as… messy or organised creative choas. I am constantly cleaning because I find I put off creating things if my workspace is too messy!

When I first started with resin, I loved to embed everything I could and see how it turned out. I would look at anything from food, plants, different objects, textures and always think about what it would look like in resin. Things I currently embed into resin include quinoa, 100s and 1000s, cotton, puddle beads,…. I mix it up a bit more now and am experimenting with colours and finishes along with embedding things. I’m constantly buying things on a whim whenever I see something that takes my fancy that I think could work! I can be guilty of not using them up or trialling them however, so lately I have been making an effort to sift through my old stuff and see what new things I can create.

I am very lucky to have a good bunch of friends to bounce ideas off and help me out on market days. Trish is a regular as we both have a shared passion when it comes to jewellery making. We’ve actually been learning sliver smithing which is awesome! I love connecting and speaking to my customers and always send out handwritten notes when goods are sent out and am always on social media ready to reply to comments.

If you were to ask what inspires me I would say; My friends, my work, my life … so to sum up everything around me!  I know that may sound like an easy way out but everyday there is always little gems to be had and not always from the same source.