Adventures in Resin

adventures in resin

- Resin jewellery + homewares – designed and handmade in Melbourne -

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market days

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Etsy Made Local Melbourne

Saturday 21 October 2017
10am – 3pm
Abbotsford Convent

Seddon Makers Market

Saturday 18 November 2017
10pm – 3pm
Seddon Uniting Church

Kingston Arts Makers Market 2017

Saturday 9 December 2017
3pm – 8pm
Kingston City Hall Moorabbin

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wearable art

Whether worn or adorning a room, these handcrafted resin pieces make a bold statement that is stylish and sophisticated, fun, and completely distinctive. Each piece is artisan made and hand finished, no two exactly the same. A riot of colour and texture, these bold geometric designs complement your inimitable style.

a little bit

about me

Hi I'm Kerry, the creator of Adventures in Resin. I fell in love with working with resin after doing a short course several years ago.

The flexibility of working with resin really is an adventure and I'm constantly experimenting with new techniques, new products and new things to embed in it.


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what I love


what I love

Adventures in Resin is a creative outlet which I have molded and evolved over the last few years outside of my day job as Graphic Designer.

I continue to expand Adventures in Resin and love attending local design markets where I get to meet new people, be inspired by all the other creative things people are making and share any tips and stories.




Resin is truly an artist’s medium. Amenable to a myriad of textures and colours, every new design is truly a work of art, an adventure into realms of the possible. Beautiful, powerful and immediately noticable, each piece is conceived by an artist who is as passionate about creating them as she is about sharing them with you.

Kensington Market
Sunday 15 November
Kensington Town Hall
30-34 Bellair Street
10:00am till 3:00pm

Wild About Melbourne Pop Up
Sunday November 29th
11 – 4pm
Thornbury Bowls Club

Sister's Market
233 Sydney Road Brunswick
Saturday 10am - 4pm
12th December

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Work Space


Work Space

I work from a little mezzanine space I have commandeered in my home in Melbourne, Australia much to my boyfriends delight! I would describe my studio space as... messy or organised creative choas.

I am constantly cleaning because I find I put off creating things if my workspace is too messy!

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Adventure Creator


my style

embedding things

When I first started with resin, I loved to embed everything I could and see how it turned out.

I would look at anything from food, plants, different objects, textures and always think about what it would look like in resin.

Things I currently embed into resin include quinoa, 100s and 1000s, cotton, japanese paper, cous cous, embellishments, anything really!